Sep 01, 2021 · How To Make Instant Pot Baked Beans. Place dried, rinsed navy beans in the inner pot of the Instant Pot and cover with cold water. Place lid on the pressure cooker and cook for 20 minutes on high pressure. Let pressure release naturally for 20 minutes, before releasing the steam valve to release any remaining pressure. Jul 25, 2021 · How To Make This Boston Baked Beans Recipe. Place water, beans, onion, ketchup, molasses, mustard, Worcestershire sauce, bay leaves, salt and pepper into the Instant Pot. Close the lid and set the Instant Pot to cook on HIGH PRESSURE for 30 minutes. At the end of the cooking time, allow the pot to rest undisturbed for 10 minutes. Feb 28, 2016 · Add the rest of the ingredients into the Instant Pot, Ninja Foodi or Pressure Cooker.. The secret ingredient takes these babies up a notch!. Excess Liquid in Instant Pot Baked Beans. Don’t concern yourself with the amount of liquid in the Instant Pot, Ninja Foodi or Pressure Cooker cooking pot. A certain amount is needed for the pot to come to pressure and then cook. Lock the lid into place and turn the valve to “sealing.”. Select Manual or Pressure Cook and adjust the pressure to High. Set the time for 8 minutes. When cooking ends, let the pressure release naturally for 15 minutes, then turn the valve to “venting” to quick release the remaining pressure. Unlock and remove the lid and stir well ... Jun 22, 2021 · How to Make Baked Beans – Step by Step. Prepare Bacon: First, cut the bacon into bite size pieces and sauté in Instant Pot. Remove the bacon. Keep 2 tablespoons of bacon grease in the instant pot. Cook Beans: Second, add the beans, vegetables, spices, vinegar, Worcestershire, garlic and 3 1/2 cups of water and pressure cook on high for 50 ... Jun 19, 2018 · To make baked beans in the instant pot, start by adding the dry beans and water to the pot. Cook in high pressure for about 25 minutes, with a natural pressure release. When the pressure has released, remove the lid and pour the beans into a strainer to remove the water. Rinse them well with cold water. DISCLAIMER: This recipe was created using ... Jun 24, 2017 · Time to make baked beans in Instant Pot! Print. 4.91 from 61 votes. Instant Pot Baked Beans. Author: Amy + Jacky. Smokey Instant Pot Baked Beans Recipe (Pressure Cooker Baked Beans): easy to make Homemade Baked Beans from Scratch! Tender & creamy beans in deliciously thick sticky sweet-smokey sauce. Perfect for your next BBQ, picnics, potlucks ... Nov 20, 2019 · Instructions. Place the beans and 6 c of liquid (I used chicken broth) in the Instant Pot. Pressure cook on manual high pressure for 25 minutes followed by 20 minutes natural release. While the beans are cooking, fry the bacon and break it into bite-sized pieces. Drain the beans and return them to the pot. Nov 19, 2019 · How To Make Instant Pot Baked Beans. Whisk: In a medium bowl whisk together the ketchup, molasses, mustard powder, rosemary, Worcestershire, and salt and pepper; set aside. Saute: In the instant pot using the “saute” function, add the bacon, onion, bell pepper, and garlic and let cook (uncovered) for about 6 minutes or until the bacon begins to get crisp. Step 1. Combine water and beans in a multi-functional pressure cooker (such as an Instant Pot®). Close and lock the lid. Select high pressure according to manufacturer's instructions; set timer for 15 minutes. Allow 10 to 15 minutes for pressure to build. Advertisement.